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5 Reasons and Tips Why Bloggers Must Use Instagram

As many of you know I just got into book blogging within the last six months. Since then I have not only been writing book reviews but I've also been using social media like: 

Goodreads: This is social media just for books! So I may write a separate post about this.
(Click on the link to go to BookMattic's social media pages)

to create awareness of my blog. I actually use all of those social media platforms but the one that I thoroughly enjoy using the most is Instagram, known as bookstagram for all the book bloggers out there.

Here are 5 reasons and tips why Instagram must be used for avid book readers, book bloggers and any other type of blog or business out there.

1. It has such a unique platform to post pictures using the #hashtag to create awareness of your brand.

You can post pictures of anything really, but since I'm a book blogger I personally post about books. The use of the #hashtag is one of the best things about Instagram (IG). It helps people to find your Bookstagram (BG) page and the link to your website/blog in the bio.

I personally use these #hashtags a lot (but not just limited to these. I also find it useful to tag the title of the book and the author):

#bookworm #bookstagram #bookstagramindonesia #booklover #bookworm #businessbookreview #bookreview #bibliophile #bookporn #reader #readingforfun 

A fair warning though from personal experience, there are probably hundreds of thousands of people out there that use BG to promote their book blogs therefore the competition is pretty tough. You need to use the right #hashtags that relate to your niche.

2. There's no other way to take a photo but the creative way.

I have to be honest, I am not the most creative person when it comes to photography and every time I want to post something on IG it takes me two days to think of an idea of how I want to take the shot. In the end I usually end up taking a shot of me holding the book out in an open field or just on my wooden desk, but I'll get more creative as time goes on and I get better at photography and generating my ideas for super shots.

But damn, if you were to go onto IG right now and type in bookstagram in the search bar you'd find a plethora of amazing staged photos such as these from three Bookstagrammers from Indonesia that I regularly follow. They are so creative in the way that they set up the photo. Thanks to you and many others for helping me out with ideas of what I want to do with my photos.

Show support and follow these awesome Bookstagrammers by clicking on the links for each of them!

I love looking at Sasa's profile because she's got a nice selection of YA novels and arranges them in a unique way with relaxing props. 

Ade has quite the selection of books as well and I mainly featured her on this blog post because she has Star Wars books! Awesome Ade, keep up the good work.

Karina was one of the first Bookstagrammers that I followed when I first opened my BookMattic IG account. Unfortunately we haven't had too many conversations I think because she's got so many followers but I hope to have a nice conversation with her someday. Anyway she's got a nice layout for her photos and a color coded bookshelf! Now that's awesome!

So the best way to get better at getting ideas for photos so far that I've thought of is look at those who have been doing it for a while and adapt (not steal) some of their ideas for your own photos.

3. Being social and creating conversations about your brand, books and knowledge in your personal area of interest. 

The IG platform is superb for chatting with people and it's so easy to search for a specific topic and find like-minded people who think the same way and share some of the same interests as you. If you've got a brand or product you want to create conversations about, IG is a great way to promote it because of the comments you make on your own or other people's posts which in turn hopefully brings them to your page and eventually your website/blog.

IG is also an easy way to put a face behind the brand. You can show behind the scenes, at your house or office. You can be as personal as you want, but make sure that your photos are consistent (in the same theme in general, no random shot that has nothing to do with your brand)

4. Creating new business contacts.

I have found a few new business contacts by doing step 3. You find people/businesses on IG that you normally wouldn't find any other way and that's because you can search and browse for specific areas of interest. That's why #hashtags are so important so that it'll bring those that are interested in your photos to your page and possibly email you or PM with a business opportunity. 

If you don't use #hashtags then how would more people find you? How would you make new business contacts? So IG isn't only used by teenagers but also by people that want to do more networking for their business.

5. Just have fun!

Yes, you need to be engaging and creative yet thorough when taking photos on IG, but you should also have fun with it, I know I do. Creating an engaging photo with a short caption and your #hashtags really doesn't take too long compared to writing a blog post. Most of you will agree with this.

It's also fun to see how much engagement you get and to experiment on the photos you take and people you search for/interact with to see what works and what doesn't.

Final thoughts...

If you're already in business no matter what kind it is I highly recommend taking advantage of  IG and following the five reasons and tips I gave above. There's only something to gain from having an IG account. So get out there and do it.


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