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Trek Into A Singular Destiny

By Keith R.A. DeCandido
Published in 2009
4 Stars
I don't know about you but I really do love Star Trek but I'm not a fanatic like some people out there that get into their full Klingon getup or paste on their Vulcan ears and go to Comicon. Not that it's wrong to do that. I've done it myself once or twice back when I was a teenager.

I didn't dress up though but I did get a chance to meet Nicelle Nichols who played Uhura in TOS. She's such a sweetheart and beautiful despite her age. I also met George Takei (Sulu, TOS) who since then has come back into stardom. Maybe not as much as back in the day, but I'd have to say he was a fun guy to meet in person.

There's a little history about Star Trek and I, although there's tons more stories to tell which I may just write a separate post for that. What do you think, would you like to hear more about my story? Let me know in the Disqus comments below. 

Now onto the main content of the post.

Stardate 94984.8

Historian's Note

This novel commences in late April 2381, about two months after the conclusion of Star Trek: Destiny trilogy, and a year and a half after the feature film Star Trek Nemesis.

I find that these post 'Nemesis' books seem to be more original than any of the other Star Trek books out there. One of the reasons is because there have been no Star Trek series covering the events after Voyager returns home. 

A Singular Destiny takes place after the hugely successful Star Trek Destiny series by David Mack where the Borg have completely annihilated most of the Federation, Klingon Empire, Vulcans, Romulans and virtually the rest of the species in the Alpha Quadrant. Only few were spared.

Unfortunately I haven't read the Destiny series yet but after reading A Singular Destiny I can tell you from personal experience that you don't need to read the Destiny series in order to understand this book although it might actually help to understand some of the references to battles that took place. There's no doubt that I will be reading Destiny as soon as I get the chance.

A Singular Destiny is all about loss, rebuilding and working together to do so. Resources are running thin, many ships are understaffed and hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of refugees are seeking new homes. 

The Federation is doing its best to aid all its neighbors, allies and even enemies like the Romulans. The Klingon Empire has asked the Federation to aid in taking back Krios and H'atoria from the Kinshaya but can only do so much since it's got its own people to protect first and with an unknown entity sabotaging every move The Federation makes, these rebuilding efforts are being delayed drastically along with a few casualties from the unknown attackers.

One thing that I loved about A Singular Destiny is that Keith R.A. DeCandido took a different approach with the perspective of the story being that Professor Sonek Pran at McKay University, Endurance, Mars, a mixed Human, Vulcan, Bajoran and Betazoid (wow, what a crazy mix!) history professor was the main character. I haven't seen many Star Trek books that have a non-Federation perspective so for me it's what made this book stand out as unique.

Sonek Pran is a cheerful intellect that gets recruited to board the Aventine by President Bacco from the Palais in France as diplomat to the Federation to try and convince Empress Donatra of the Imperial Romulan State to open up relief efforts to her sworn enemy Praetor Tal'Aura of the Romulan Star Empire. Why would she ever agree to such a thing? Professor Pran has the unique ability to persuade almost anyone to do anything. It's not a special power, Pran is just very good with words.

We also get to see some of the inner workings of the Palais (similar to the White House) and the personality of President Bacco. I don't think she makes the best president ever but then again the galaxy had just lost billions of lives just two months previous so she's got a lot on her shoulders. She does play a major role in the plot of this book.
A shot of the Aventine

Did I forget to mention the Aventine is captained by Ezri Dax! Yes, we get to see a bit of that slipstream drive in action. For those of you that don't know, the slipstream technology was brought back by Voyager from the Delta Quadrant. Dax was great in this book. She makes a great captain. Her crew, specially First Officer, Bowers, had some hilarious lines with Sonek Pran. Bowers isn't an easy man to get along with but at heart he knows his duty and what's right.

(ALMOST DONE...I have so much to say about this book but I don't want to bore you guys. Bare with me here as I have a few more things to say.)

Another great thing that made A Singular Destiny standout was the fact that in between each chapter there was either a 'real' news article, report logs, letters and even a suicide note which really gave you a sense of how the galaxy was feeling and coping with all the loss and chaos going on around them. These weren't just random reports though. I felt like they were the glue between the seams holding the story line together. It's what made the book feel more real.

Keith R.A. DeCandido in my opinion only made one mistake with A Singular Destiny. The chapters of the book where it just focused on the Klingon side of the story felt a bit out of place because the rest of the story focuses on Sonek Pran on the Aventine, and President Bacco at the Palais. The details of this side of the story weren't the problem, actually the details on the Klingon side were just one essential part of the whole story, but the problem was the perspective. It felt off kilter. You've got two Federation points of view and one Klingon. Why not just find a way to make it all Federation?

Other than that, DeCandido really knows his Star Trek history and probably spent hours upon hours of sorting out history lines when he was planning and writing this book. His style of writing was not a problem at all. He entertained me, made me sad and happy and just wrote an overall great Star Trek story.

Here's to Star Trek! Live long and prosper.

Did you enjoy the review? If so kindly leave a comment and share this post with your other Trekkie friends. Thanks guys and gals!

P.S. BONUS! Doctor Leonard McCoy as we know him makes an appearance in A Singular Destiny!

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